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Greetings! I'm Kerry, a Nashville based photographer with 25 plus years experience in marketing. I leverage the art of images with all forms of strategic internet and traditional marketing with my company KerryWooPhotography 

I've served Google since 2012 as a full time Nashville based experienced Google Street View | Trusted Photographer for the Google Business Views Photos project producing 360º Interactive Images and Point of Interest Photography with an emphasis on marketing. 

With over FOUR Hundred tours produced, this means I’m able to consistently produce top quality professional still imagery and Street View | Trusted interior virtual tours that Google will use to represent your business in Google search results, Google Places and Google Maps.

The ideal candidates for Google Street View | Trusted include local businesses such as retail stores, event facilities, restaurants, automotive showrooms, gyms, dentists and any storefront or office space that desire to showcase and attract prospects across the greater Nashville and Middle Tennessee area.

Our focus also includes capturing still photography for events, conferences, real estate, and special projects across Nashville and other cities in the Southeast Region.

  Choose a Full Time Professional Google Street View | Trusted Photographer to tell your story today!  


   What you can expect to receive by using Kerry Woo as a Certified Google Street View | Trusted Photographer:

For the FAQs about Google Street View | Trusted from Google themselves please click the link below:
Google Business Photos FAQs

With just one click, consumers can "See Inside" your business; don't hesitate to call me today 615-336-9360 or email me [email protected] to showcase your business!

Introducing Kerry Woo Photography Google Business Photos

If you are a business owner and interested in reaching the demographic of mobile and tablet users, don't hesitate to call me today 615-336-9360 or email me [email protected] to showcase your business!

Google Street View | Trusted Photographers are independent contractors/businesses that are not employed by Google, agents of Google or affiliated with Google in any way. Google has certified Kerry Woo Photography because we meet Google’s standards of quality for taking feature pictures and panoramic pictures, uploading them, moderating them and eventually publishing them on Google properties consistently since 2012.