When a local business introduces a Google Business Views 360 virtual tour into their marketing mix, they enter a world of open invitation and transparency. Their inner workings, at least the inner workings of their work space, are exposed. We thought it would be an interesting project to feature these forward thinking businesses.

Today we speak with Tara Aaron and Rick Sanders of Aaron/Sanders PLLC


What does your firm find most attractive about doing business in Nashville? 

Rick Sanders and I are both long-time members of the Nashville community. We were excited about the opportunity to join the growing technology and software business in Nashville and to work with the people here who are making exciting things happen.

When people come into your space, what is it you want them to feel? 

We hope they feel as at home as we do.  Lawyers’ offices can sometimes be intimidating, and we wanted to take away the scariness of the experience of going to visit an attorney. And we hope our space is kind of cool, too! 

When you decided to do the Google 360 Virtual Tour, what was your goal? What would you want people to see when they discover your profile?

We hope people will be pleasantly surprised at the look and feel of our space.  We wanted people to be able to get a good sense of what it’s like to come visit us.


Today we meet Christian Paro of Center 615.

Center 615 offers individual creative suites within a resourceful and innovative environment, providing businesses an all-inclusive space to create, connect and collaborate.

615 Main St Nashville, TN 37206‎  (615) 457-1596 center615.com

What does your operation find most attractive about doing business in Nashville?

Lots of start-ups and entrepreneurs!  Nashville is a young city with lots of creative energy.  Our market is small start-up companies with lots of motivation.  The scale of Nashville also makes it appealing.  It’s very walkable and user friendly overall.  And there are myriad opportunities for fun and often free entertainment.  We just finished the Live on the Green series, which is walking distance from Center 615.  As a matter of fact, one of my tenants was hired by the event producers to film the whole series.  Nashville is the perfect place for a small business.

When people come into your space, what is it you want them to feel?

A combination of pride and exclusivity.  I want our tenants to feel like they’re not just renting an office suite but a portion of the whole concept that is Center 615.  I also hope that they’re eager about networking and possibly finding a client or a vendor from within the building.  Many of our tenants wind up using other tenants for products and services or at least recommend them to friends and colleagues.

When you decided to do the Google 360 Virtual Tour, what was your goal? What would you want people to see when they discover your profile?

Of course I’d like people to feel like they’re inside the building, so they can see our features and amenities and that it’s more than just office space.


Today we meet owner Eliza Montgomery. 4239 Harding Pike, Nashville, TN ‎(615) 297-2604 ‎ · thepinkgiraffe.net

What does your store find most attractive about doing business in Nashville?

Probably the most attractive aspect of doing business in Nashville would be the people we get to deal with on a day-to-day basis.  Nashville presents such an eclectic blend of personality and is such a melting pot of industry that brings us a blend of great customers.

When people come into your space, what is it you want them to feel?

When customers come into our shop, we strive to provide a relaxed and fun personalized shopping experience. We are constantly adding new products and designs so that there is always something new to see each time they visit. Because of the custom nature of our finished products, we often get the opportunity to get to know our customers on a personal level and get to know them by name. I love when someone walks in the store and we can greet them as a friend.

When you decided to do the Google360 Virtual Tour, what was your goal? What would want people to see when they discover your profile?

We opted to add the Google 360 Virtual Tour to our online presence because it provides our customers who live as far away as the West Coast or even other countries to take a tour of our shop and feel like a local customer. Online customers can “walk through” our store and get a feel for the space even from thousands of miles away.  It is truly a great benefit of today’s technology! We hope that our Google 360 Virtual Tour provides a feel for who we are and the level of quality in all our products.